Left vs Right Brain : Understanding your Child


In my last article, we saw the basic differences between the mind and brain along with various learning styles that vary from individual to individual.

Further, to identify what combination is the best for your child, it is also necessary for parents to be aware of the information that surrounds left and right brain and its characteristics and not just different learning styles.

And why do I say so?

Well, the brain as we all know is divided into two hemispheres – the left brain and the right brain. The left brain controls muscles on the right side of the body while the right brain controls muscles of the left side of the body.

Left brainers are more sequential and very rational in the sense that they are more planned and perform activities in a very structured form. They control their feelings and prefer to talk, write and respond to verbal instructions. The individuals who belong to this group get comfortable only when they have information which is certain, established and organized. Left brainers are very logical as they are able to make quick distinctions and are able to define cause and effects effortlessly. They like closed ended question at most multiple choices questions. Left brainers are analytically oriented and therefore fair well in subjects like mathematics.

On the other hand, right brainers are intuitive and often have spontaneous nature. They are comfortable with the uncertain information and look for a pattern, configuration or similarities while problem-solving. Resemblance or connectedness to the subject matter is more important for them than to be very specific or be distinct like the left brainers. Right brainers have impulsive nature and able to express their feelings quite freely and are more creative, artistic and open minded. They also exhibit multi dimensional thinking and have a strong inclination towards art, music, drawings etc. They are more comfortable with open ended questions and are blessed with strong memory where they can quickly remember dates, events, places, names, and faces.

In most of the cases, children, when born, have both sides of the brain equally balanced. However, when it comes to learning, different children learn the same tasks differently based on dominance with the right or the left brain.

Many of us must have experienced in our parental journey at some time or the other when our child has shown a keen interest in doing art related project work or a science assignment given by the school. In some cases the result might be exactly opposite and the child is blatantly non-participative to the extent that the response is, “I don’t like this”, or “I don’t want to do it”, or “I can’t do it” and the parents get surprised, upset or even irritated.

Have you ever wondered why would they say like that?

There might be a scenario when parents receive complaints from the school teachers that the son or daughter is not attentive in the class. The concerns raised by the teacher then is that most of the time the student is not at all concentrating on the black board but is busy doodling away when the class is in progress. But actually, this may not be the case. On the contrary, the child may well be attentive and knows what is been taught. It is just that some dominant side of the brain is active during the class and the student prefers to learn his own way.

Imagine a case and I am sure many of the parents would agree with me. How many of us have experienced and witnessed when our kids get too obsessive for a very specific preference and choices for the clothes they wear, like wearing only matching clothes. Well, it’s not an obsession or a reflection of your child’s disobedience but rather it has something to do with the characteristics and functioning of the brain. It’s just that the dominant side of the brain is not allowing to smoothly blend with the other side.

Quite a revelation, Isn’t it?

Well, there are innumerable cases when the child gets obstinate and go on demanding the things their way and it is very difficult for the adults to lower the frustration levels and raise the patience threshold limits time and again in similar scenarios.

All of us want our kids to excel and succeed not just in studies but also at extracurricular activities. Don’t we?

Well, learning here plays an important role and therefore for the parents, it is necessary to be aware of how left or right side brain might actually influence how our children are acquiring the knowledge and skills.

But the question is, how do you identify the relative development of the right and left brain hemisphere of your child based on facts and not based on perceptions or observations?

Also, how do you use the knowledge to the best benefit of your child while making your parenting role simpler?

Thankfully, there are answers to these questions.

EduWalkers with their expertise helps in identifying and exploring uniqueness in your child through its Personality Assessment Service, Brain Stimulation Program, and various other Skill Development Programs for the children as well as adults.

Please visit www.eduwalkers.com to know more


Regards, Anand Kumbhare


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