Why Career Guidance!!

Rahul kept telling his parents, “I don’t want to go for Science but I want to join Arts, is it necessary for me to take Science just because I scored so well!” Rahul and many other children like him are confused at this stage in life after passing std 10th / 12th as to which career they should aspire. Parents are also confused as to what can be better for their children and can be in a mode of forcing few careers on their children irrespective of their Aptitude. Due importance should be given to inborn talents and acquired abilities while choosing a career. With increasing competition, opportunities in fields for career are also rising. There is no field which can be the best for everyone, rather the best area for a person to pursue career is to take education and work in the areas in alignment with his aptitude and interests. Interest which otherwise tend to change , if based on natural talent can be converted into a fabulous career. At Edu Walkers we provide aptitude testing with career guidance on one to one basis which helps an individual match his talents and potentials with his interests and helps choose appropriate career from a wide range of choices suited to one’s abilities. Edu Walkers helps you in identifying inborn or natural talents and weaknesses along with helping you identify your aptitude based on your knowledge and skills. Often children pursue education in the field which is offered by parents or which SEEMS to be good for career ahead. For us to succeed progress and enjoy work, it is necessary that we should have interest in what we are doing, and also have an aptitude for it.

Dr.Vidya Bhate

Director Programs

Edu Walkers Lifeskills LLP  I +91- 9922 44 6154   I   +91- 7676 86 8686

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