Identification of talent in early life helps lead a healthy and successful life

Why does a child learn faster when he listens to audio books, while another child learns better when he watches videos!! It’s basically the way in which input is captured by our sensory system. Every individual has a unique way of capturing information from the environment. This depends on his overall learning style. The learning style maybe visual, auditory or kinesthetic and can be measured by the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Analysis (DMIA) provided by Edu Walkers. We at Edu Walkers offer DMIA, which gives an accurate understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences as well as his innate potential capabilities & personality. The DMIA is done for adults and children from 3yrs of age. DMIA guides us on our inborn abilities, learning style and career guidance. The report guides us on multiple choices available in different fields such as education, hobbies, sports, art, music, career options & more.

In this life full of challenges on all the ends, parents are facing various issues in handling children on all fronts. In the struggle to give their children a better environment, education and upbringing they need to understand overall personality and abilities in their children. Few behavioral patterns in children maybe unexpected to parents and hence understanding personality and abilities in children will give a better understanding of behavior in children.

If we look at the life course of an individual there are enormous factors which contribute towards development of abilities and personality. Intrauterine and genetic factors help in blending overall development of a child. The ridged skin patterns found on fingers, palms & toes are formed during intrauterine period & once developed are unchanged for life. For most purposes, these also act as unique genetic identifiers.

Links are established between these patterns & an individual’s traits & talents. We at Edu Walkers believe that identification of talent in early life helps lead a healthy and successful life!

Dr.Vidya Bhate

Director Programs

Edu Walkers Lifeskills LLP  I +91- 9922 44 6154   I   +91- 7676 86 8686 / /



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